Q3 2016: NIFA–State of Franchising Luncheon with Keynote Speaker Aziz Hashim, IFA Chairman

Spring Luncheon 2017: The Future of Franchising: A Look at the Global Shifts Disrupting Today’s Franchise Model


Summer Social 2017: Rockit Burger Bar in Wrigleyville 


Q2 2016: Northern Illinois Franchise Association–Women's Franchise Network Social


Northern Illinois Franchise Association to Spotlight Professional Athletes who Pursue Franchise Ownership

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Winter Luncheon 2018: Innovation and Incubation: Inspiring a New Generation of

Remarkable Companies 

December Luncheon 2016: Communicating the Brand–How Strong Brand Identity Can Electrify Growth


Fall Luncheon 2017: Maximizing Your Local Footprint through Digital


Spring Luncheon 2018: Protecting Brand Equity: Today's Reputation Management Trends

March Luncheon 2017: Franchise 3.0: Scaling the Franchise Model